By means of a trademark search, we can - prior to the trademark application - investigate whether there are previous conflicting trademarks that may stand in the way of your intended trademark registration. We can conduct trademark searches in the Benelux, European Union and at the international level.

A trademark search is not mandatory, but it is highly recommendable. This way you will not be confronted with possible objections after filing the application (and possible use) of the trademark. Moreover, a trademark search offers the possibility of avoiding a possible conflicting trademark in advance.


  • Identical search
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€1250,-   *
  • Similarity search
  • Search covers the entire EU


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  • Similarity search
  • Domain name check
  • Company name check
  • Social media check

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Het registreren en beschermen van jouw bedrijfsnaam, productnaam of logo als merk, vormgeving van jouw product als model, juridische advisering, contracten en documenten, zakelijke afspraken en conflictoplossingen.

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